Hoʻohiki wau! A i ʻole pono iaʻu?

Ua kākau ʻo Paula Mooney i kahi mea i hala iho nei Ke komo'ana e pili ana i nā nūpepa e cussing ana. Makemake wau i kou manaʻo:

I ka ʻoiaʻiʻo, aia kekahi mau blog aʻu e kipa aku ai ma kahi aʻu e heluhelu pono ai ma o ia mea ... he mea hoʻomākeʻaka lākou a pau. Ke ʻaʻa nei wau e pili a puni i nā blog e cuss a hoʻohiki paha no ke kumu ʻole. Inā ʻōlelo ʻia no ka huhū, ʻaʻole wau e hoʻi hou no kahi kipa ʻelua.

ʻEkolu mau kumu e pono ʻole ai ʻoe e kamaʻilio ma kāu blog:

  1. ʻO kāu mau huaʻōlelo ma ka ʻupena ma kahi o ka lōʻihi ma mua o kāu. He mea pōʻino ʻole ke hoʻomanaʻo ʻia no ke kūkaʻi ʻana.
  2. Nui nā huaʻōlelo āu i lohe ʻole ai e pili ana ... e hoʻāʻo i kahi mau mea hou.
  3. Hōʻino paha ʻo Cussing i kekahi, ʻaʻole kūʻē iā Cussing i kekahi.

Kaʻana i kou mau manaʻo. Ke hele a maʻalahi nei wau kuʻukū? Kaha: ʻaʻohe cussing!


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    One of the blogs I follow includes a significant amount of swearing. The person is clearly hurt over the direction his industry is taking, and it seems the only way his feelings can truly be expressed. He doesn’t seem to swear in non-industry related posts. While I don’t think his language is appropriate, it is obvious his feelings are hurt, and I can pick that up from his choice of language.

    I won’t swear on my blog. I want those who run across my content to focus on the content, not the language used to deliver it.

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    Cussing is a turn off to me, and I’m seeing more and more women using swear words or words otherwise would have gotten you a mouth full of soap in my day. Seems they think it makes them look cool, or they must really feel independent enough to not worry about what people think. Most people will not tell you; they just avoid your blog! If one cannot restrain from using curse words on their blog, then they don’t need to blog. As was mentioned, it will be around on search engines for longer than we want to think!

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    Thanks for starting the discussion, Doug. I don’t care for hearing or reading profanity, and I won’t do it myself. Surely there are more eloquent ways to express oneself, even in anger. If I am reading a blogger that does it once, it won’t keep me from coming back. If it becomes a habit, I would avoid that site.

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    Sterling, I think using swear words for special impact just shows how little command we have of our tongue or perhaps the English language. To me, there is no ‘appropriate’ way to curse or swear. It sickens me to hear people use certain words like they were normal, every day words (they are becoming that way for the young), when they really are hurting their own character

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    And why are these words offensive? Because they derive from the Saxon or Celtic tongues. If I say “copulate!” or “defecation!” nobody gets offended. In the end, it’s just a racial prejudice that has been maintained for a millenium.

  10. 10

    I on occassion cuss, I do not care to do it on my blog and for a macho ruff around the edges poor boy, I do not swear much. I was in a tavern in Baltimore recently and 2 ladies were f wording and mf wording so much I was offended. I did not comment but it bothered me. I have found Paula’s wisdome and sincerity to be beyound question. If Paula says it is not right, there you have it

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    JD, my husband says, when he hears a woman talking like that, it makes her sound like a w…. It’s just trashy talk to me, and you don’t have to do it. But, it seems that’s the ‘trend’ now days among so many, and I don’t think it helps them one bit.

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    I agree that 99% of the time, cursing is completely unnecessary. There are however, a few instances when it is truly the best way to express how you feel about something. Personally, I can’t remember ever cursing in a blog post, but I wouldn’t rule it out either.

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